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Editor's Review

Buy the Vote! is a fast paced strategy game that allows candidates to campaign in rounds. Designed for ages 9 and up, Buy the Vote! from Coozies Games takes only 15 minutes of play. A great fun way to learn about politics, players bid for 50 states by spending millions of dollars on advertising. You need to score 270 electoral votes to win. As more states hit the bidding blocks time begins to run short. Candidates collect money as rounds pass with the chance to collect bonus money! Inside the box are 51 State cards, 5 Standing Voting booths, 5 Player Mats, and 168 Money chits.

Buy the Vote!

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Designed for ages 9 and up, Buy the Vote! takes 3 minutes to learn and 15 minutes of play. It’s fast and fun and a terrific way to learn about politics.

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