Bunch O Balloons Crazy Recycled Plastic Balloons Review

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Editor's Review

Last year when we reviewed the Crazy Bunch O Balloons you could recycle the stems and O-rings through the TerraCycle program. But now, with the stems and caps made from 100-percent certified and traceable recycled plastic, and the balloons made from a natural, plant-based rubber, all of the pieces can be recycled for free through the TerraCycle program. This sustainable initiative prevents 800 tons of virgin plastic from entering the eco-system.

If you don’t know what Bunch O Balloons are, each pack comes with three bunches of fast-filling, self-sealing water balloons in a variety of bright colors. You connect a bunch to your hose, rest the balloons on a level surface (like in a big bucket), and turn on the water to fill the balloons to about three to four inches big. Use the included measurement guide to help you out. Then quickly pull up on the hose to release and tie the balloons. For best results, carefully follow the instructions and use the balloons within 1 to 3 hours of filling. This is a fast and easy way to fill water balloons.

Bunch O Balloons Crazy Recycled Plastic Balloons

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These are fast and easy to fill. The bright colors are a nice addition, the recycling feature is a plus, and it’s an active, outdoor toy.

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