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Editor's Review

If you need a hug, then you need a Bumpas. These weighted plush characters are designed to hug you. Their arms and legs have almost three pounds of weight in them to deliver a calming sense of comfort and security when draped around your back and neck. And when you put its hands together, it forms a heart. There are four styles of Bumpas, and in this video review, we’re showing blue and green Oz. He has an embroidered face and three hearts on his chest. Along with long, floppy arms, he also has long, floppy ears. Turn him around to his green side to find two eyes on the back of his head. These are to keep you protected and safe during hug time. 

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Along with being cute and soft, Bumpas also have the added benefit of weight. Much like a weighted blanket, this means Bumpas can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and create a calming effect. If you know a child who needs a bump in the Mental Emotional Social Health or MESH, then Bumpas might be the ideal toy for them.


4 styles to choose from
Soft and cute
Weighted arms and legs have a calming effect
Fun to hug



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