Bump Rumble: A Super Silly Smackdown Game Review

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Editor's Review

Bump Rumble is a versatile game, with one unifying theme. Use your head and more importantly, your tail, to win. In a box, you get the Ring Rope, 4 Ring Pins, 4 No-Drop Loops, the Clash Cube, and a carrying backpack. To play, set up the ring rope into an 8 x 8 square. If you’re on grass, secure the corners with the Ring Pins; if you’re inside Starlux recommends shipping tape, not included. Next, 1 player from each team enters the ring, and the smaller of the 2 rolls the Clash Cube to determine the battle type. It could be a Bump Race, Bump Relay, Bump Battle or Bump Royale. Whatever the competition, take a No-Drop Ring for your team, put your hands below your thighs and lace your fingers together. For battles, use your rear to ram the opponent out of the ring. If either player drops their ring, they’re out. A Royale involves 4 players, 2 from each team; knock both opposing players out to triumph. A race has you quickly rushing toward the cube, placed 20-30 feet away, rounding it, and coming back. In a relay, tag a teammate with your rump and have them run until the whole team has gone. Play an odd number of rounds and crown the winning team! The Clash Cube and No-Drop Rings light up, so you can play even with dim light.

Bump Rumble is fairly challenging, especially in battles. The edge will go to those with particularly good balance, weight, and coordination. As such, it may be a good idea to curate matches based on similarly statured opponents. Also, you get a surprisingly good workout from remaining in position. You may be shocked how many losses are accrued from simply dropping the ring. Bumping into other players loosens your grip a surprising amount. The game is clear on the lose condition of dropping the ring or stepping out of bounds, but is unclear on if a player falls over, while still holding onto the ring. Can they get back up, or are they out? Determine your own rules for that.

Bump Rumble: A Super Silly Smackdown Game

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Our reviewer wasn’t a natural, but it’s a creative idea, and keeps you surprisingly active! We recommend Bump Rumble as a fun way to pass the time.

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