Bubble Tree Original Refillable Bubble System Review

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Editor's Review

What’s more annoying – running out of bubble solution or throwing the empty plastic bubble bottles into a landfill? If you think it’s both, then you’ll like Bubble Tree’s Original Refillable Bubble System.

First off, the company sells its eco-friendly bubble solution in aluminum bottles with fun designs. They come in a pack of two four-ounce bottles each with wands, a four-pack of four-ounce bottles with wands, and a six-pack of four-ounce bottles with wands. To refill and reuse these bottles, the bubbles in a box refill station is available in one, two, three, and five liters. Keep this boxed-up refill station handy when kids are playing with bubbles outside, so they can easily refill their empty bottles.

You can also purchase the aluminum bottles of bubble solution with the refills in packs of two bottles and one liter, three bottles and two liters, and four bottles with three liters.

Bubble Tree Original Refillable Bubble System

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We really like the eco-friendly aspect of these bubbles, from the solution that’s free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and more to the reusable aluminum bottles that keep plastic out of landfills. The design of the bubble bottles is really great, with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for small hands to hold. We also like that the lid is the wand holder, so there’s no more getting your hands messy trying to dip the wand into the solution.

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