Bubble Lick Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack Review

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Editor's Review

Have you ever thought blowing bubbles would be more fun if you could eat the bubbles? Now you can, and they taste delicious. The four flavors in the Bubble Lick Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack are Carnival Cotton Candy, Juicy Watermelon Splash, Glazed Cinnamon Roll, and Milk Chocolate Chip. The variety pack includes four 2.5-ounce bottles, one of each flavor. There are bubble wands attached to the caps, or you can pour the solution into your favorite bubble machine.

Bubble Lick Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack

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When you open a bottle of these, the first thing you notice is the yummy smell. The taste of the bubbles isn’t as strong, but you still get a nice hint of flavor. Kids will have fun blowing these bubbles and chasing after them, trying to lick them up before they pop.

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