Brains & Beauty Dolls Malia Review

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Editor's Review

These diverse dolls prove that you can have brains and beauty. Brains & Beauty Dolls is a company that makes 18-inch black and biracial dolls that are designed with natural hair to help young girls embrace their own physical features. And each one speaks empowering phrases. 

There are multiple dolls to choose from, including Malia. Malia wears a jean jacket over a heart T-shirt dress with polka dot skirt and brown boots. She’s got brown eyes and naturally kinky curly hair. What sets this doll apart from other 18-inch dolls is the poseability of her head, along with her arms and legs. Give Malia’s tummy a squeeze to hear phrases, such as “You are powerful” and “Dream big!” The doll speaks 20 phrases, and batteries are included. 

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These dolls are all about empowering young girls and allowing them to see themselves represented in the doll aisle. We like Malia’s poseability and her empowering phrases. This will inspire a lot of imaginative play. 


Dolls are poseable
Speak 20 phrases
Offers a diverse doll line-up
Inspires imaginative play



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