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Editor's Review

Can’t get enough of cats? Check out the cat-themed game Boop. In this two-player strategy game, you’ve got to get three cats in a row on the bed to win. However, your opponent is trying to “boop” your cats off the bed. 

So basically, each player starts with eight kittens. The game board is a quilted fabric game board that sits on top of the box to look like a bed. You take turns placing one kitten onto the bed in any open space. You can graduate your kittens into cats by lining up three of your pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Those kittens get removed, and you add three cats to your pool of playing pieces. Now you’ve got to create a line of three cats.

But every time a kitten or cat is added to the board, it “boops” all of the pieces adjacent to it, pushing them one space away. A piece can even be “booped” off the bed. Once your kittens are cats, they cannot be booped by other kittens, only by other cats.

You can also win the game by having all eight of your cats on the bed at the end of your turn.

The game comes with eight orange cats, eight orange kittens, eight gray cats, eight gray kittens, a quilted fabric game board, and instructions. There are alternate rules for playing with younger players.

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Should I get it?

This will be a cute strategy game for cat lovers. Even though the game is cute, it’s definitely challenging! We really like the bedspread game board, and we’re sure players will have fun making “boop” and “meow” noises as they play. 


Cute but challenging
Bedspread game board
Fun to make “boop” noises as you play



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