Boneless Super-Charged Skateboards, Super Street Sk8prk, and Big Air Mega Ramp Review

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Editor's Review

Before we address the sets, we need to show off the Boneless Super-Charged Skateboards, the proverbial meat and potatoes (or tofu and rutabaga) of this toy line. Each pack comes with a bendable skateboard figure, a deck, a chargeable skateboard, and a charging base. You’ll need to install 3 AA batteries (not included) to access the special feature of the Super-Charged skateboards. Assemble your board, put the figure on top in any pose you can imagine, then touch the board to the base. After the wheels start spinning, let your skater loose on any flat surface and watch them go! You can either set them to travel one direction, or switch directions upon contact with a surface. The directional switching works really well! The bendable figure is well painted and detailed, but some of the paint comes off a little easily. The decks are beautifully detailed, and if you have multiple Boneless Super-Charged sets, you can switch them out!

How about some tricks? The Super Street Sk8prk comes with an All-Way ramp, a Vert Dome ramp, barricades with suction cups, and a sticker sheet to decorate your park. Select as flat a surface as you can find to set up your park; the suction cups can be finicky otherwise. Set the fence up in any way you want, then let your skater loose! Go at the Vert Dome ramp with a full 15 second charge for a sweet flip. Set the skateboard to change directions and see what wipeouts will ensue! A big component of how your skater will behave depends on their pose, and how long you charge the board. Just like real skateboarding, you’ll wipe out more often than you pull off a trick, but it’s easy to get back up and try again. Experiment to get different results!

Lastly we have the Big Air Mega Ramp. Assembly is required here, but the instructions are quick and clear. You also get stickers, so decorate to your heart’s content! Set the ramp at multiple angles to either do sick jumps, or flips. This mode only really works with one direction mode on. Getting it to work with the switching mode active is an exercise in madness!

Boneless Super-Charged Skateboards, Super Street Sk8prk, and Big Air Mega Ramp

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The core of the Boneless toy line is its greatest strength. The Super-Charged Skateboards are, simple, fun, addicting, and full of infinite potential, based on what surface you use to skate. The Big Air Mega Ramp is great for getting nice jumps and flips. The Super Street Sk8prk is definitely the trickiest playset to get working, but practice can make perfect.

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