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Editor's Review

It’s time for bathtime fun with Bloopies. Kids can go on underwater adventures just like on the Bloopies YouTube series with new Bloopies Mermaids dolls. Characters feature Luna, Lovely, and Sweety. Each one comes with a sea creature water squirter. Luna’s is a glittery coral-colored starfish, Lovely’s is a glittery light pink shell, and Sweety’s is a glittery dark pink sea snail. Dip the dolls in warm water for a color-change effect on their mermaid tail, and fill the dolls with water because they squirt water, too. The tail can be removed for easy draining, however, it’s a little tricky to twist it back on.

Bloopies Mermaids

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These will certainly be fun bath toys for fans of the Bloopies YouTube series, however, any kid who likes mermaids and doll play will have fun creating their own undersea adventures with these dolls. We just wish it was easier to put the mermaid tails back on the dolls after you drain out the water, and you will want to drain the water because the instructions on the bottom of the box recommend it to prevent bacteria build-up.

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