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Editor's Review

Whether you were groovy in the ’60s or an ’80s baby, you can test your knowledge of four decades of pop culture in Blast from the Past Trivia Game. Take turns spinning the spinner and answering questions about the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Each set of decade question cards has four categories: Hot or Not? asks you to decide if a trend was popular or not, Memory Lane tests your knowledge of things that made headlines during that decade, Hit Parade is about music, and Dead or Alive? makes you guess if the stated person was alive during that decade.

If you spin a decade, then you get to pick any category question from that decade. If you spin a category, you get to pick which decade the question comes from. If you spin Take Your Pick, pick whatever category and decade you want. If you answer the question correctly, you add a token to your answer card. If not, your turn is over. If you’re playing with two players, you’ve got to fill the whole answer card first to win. But if you’re playing with three or more players, you only have to fill two rows (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to win.

Blast from the Past Trivia Game

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If you like trivia games and pop culture, then you’ll like playing this game. No matter when you were born, it will test your memory and/or knowledge, and you might learn a few new things. We like that the spinner often gives players a chance to choose their category and decade, which really comes in handy when you’re strategically trying to fill your answer card just so. This will be an interesting game when played with a mix of people from all four decades.

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