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Editor's Review

Meet the first digital pet you can touch! Meet Bitzee! Open up the box to meet not one but 15 8-bit pixelated pets to collect. 

You’ll only start with one Bitzee, and to play and care for that pet, you’ll tilt the device, swipe the swipe bar, shake the device, and touch the Bitzee from above. From the main menu, you can feed your Bitzee, too. Pay attention to your Bitzee’s messages so you can give it love, clean its poop, feed it, or rock it to sleep. Your Bitzee might run away if you ignore a message.

Playing with your Bitzee fills its Love Meter, and each time that happens, your Bitzee evolves from a baby to an adult to a Super Bitzee! Getting a Super Bitzee gives you two things: a unique game to play with the Super Bitzee and a treat to attract and collect another Bitzee. Take care of your new Bitzee to help it evolve, so you get another unique game and another treat for another Bitzee. 

There are 10 common Bitzee, three rare ones, and two Legendary Bitzee. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. 

Once you’ve collected all 15 Bitzee and they’ve evolved into Super Bitzee, you can continue to play the games and interact with the Bitzee, or you can reset the device and start over again.

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These digital pets have a really cool look. It’s almost like a hologram floating in the air. That’s thanks to the toy’s flapping strip of LEDs. That flapping is a bit loud, but it doesn’t detract from the pet’s sound effects and music. The toy does have volume control. Kids will like taking care of and playing with their Bitzee, but unlike other interactive digital pets, this one allows kids to collect and care for more than one pet at a time! Kids will also like the surprise of finding out which Bitzee they get to collect next. 


Collect15 pets
Kids can touch the digital pets
Each pet has a unique game
Lots of ways to interact with the Bitzee



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