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Editor's Review

The 7-in-1 Toddler Trike provides different modes of use so that it grows with your child. Made of durable aviation-grade aluminum, it is built to last with kids from 1 to 5. 

Though this says it’s a 7-in-1, and the instructions don’t say anything about the different modes or switching between them, there are really four main modes of use: an infant trike for ages 1-2, a guided trike for ages 2-5, a toddler trike for ages 2-5, and a balance bike for ages 4-5.

For infant trike mode, you use the bike’s three wheels but no pedals or parent push handle. This mode allows little ones to move themselves along by pushing their feet on the ground. You can attach the pedals for toddlers and preschoolers. The guided trike mode attaches the parent push handle and locks the pedals so that they are footrests to keep a child comfy while mom or dad pushes them around. The parent push handle is adjustable to heights between 29.9 inches and 40.6 inches. If your child wants to ride the trike on his own, remove the parent handle and unlock the foot pedals. Now it’s a traditional tricycle. And for slightly older kids, you can remove the pedals and reconfigure the back wheels so that they come together to make one wheel, giving your child a two-wheeled balance bike.

In any mode, the forward/backward handlebar is adjustable for kids under 55 pounds, and the supportive, soft seat can be adjusted between 11.8 inches and 15 inches. Shock-absorbing materials provide a smooth ride.

For folding and storage, the pedals can be removed with the back wheels folding into a more compact shape.

The trike is available in black, pink, or blue.

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Should I get it?

Despite us not fully understanding what all seven modes are supposed to be, we do like the four main modes of this toddler trike. The instructions are not always the greatest, but converting the trike from one mode to the next (once you know how to do it) is pretty easy. Through all four modes, this grows with your child, providing different ways for them to practice and develop gross motor skills.


4 main modes

Grows with your child

Pretty easy to convert

Different ways for kids to practice/develop gross motor skills


Unclear instructions 

Unclear what all 7 modes are 

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