Bend ‘Ems SpongeBob, Sonic, and Miraculous Review

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Editor's Review

These Bend ‘Ems are made from a nice bendy plastic, with wires at the core. Thanks to these internal metal wires, the Bend ‘Ems will retain the pose you put them in. Honestly, your imagination is the limit! You can bend limbs in unnatural ways, really making them feel like cartoons in the real world. The molding on the Bend Em’s is pretty nice; you can see small details like the piping on Cat Noir’s suit, and Squidward’s suction cups. The paint here is clean for the most part, and cements the classic design for each character. While the proportions of the Miraculous and Spongebob characters are pretty spot on, the Sonic cast looks great from the front, but a little flat from the side.

To end on a big positive, these Bend ‘Ems are actually good at standing. We were pleasantly surprised to discover this! Display your Bend Em with confidence even when not in use.

Miraculous Bend Ems 780 x 780

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The Miraculous, Spongebob, and Sonic Bend ‘Ems have great molded detail and nice paint detailing, plus they stand well on their own. These make fun and affordable fidget toys!


  • The molded detail has never looked better.
  • The paint is accurate to the source character’s designs.
  • They stand upright on their own!


  • The flatness of the Sonic cast
  • Some designs with thinner limbs benefit from the Bend ‘Em treatment better than others.

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