Bedtime Defenderz Plush Review

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Editor's Review

The Bedtime Defenderz will protect you from the “bad guys” while you sleep. This line of 10-inch plush toys includes five bedtime heroes: Magnus, the leader; Bruno, the brawn; Lex, the heart and soul; El Sonador, the scrapper; and Zigy, the speedster. When you turn out the lights at night, each Defender’s belt buckle glows in the dark. Each plush toy comes with a comic book that kids and parents can read together at bedtime. The comics tell more about the specific characters and how their special powers keep nightmares away in Snoozeland. And each plush includes a power band slap bracelet that kids can wear to roleplay communicating with their Defender. Each Bedtime Defender is sold separately. There will also be online animated content to tell more of the Bedtime Defenderz story.

Bedtime Defenderz Plush

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We like that kids can use Bedtime Defenderz as snuggle buddies to help them fall asleep at night and not be afraid of the dark, but we also like that these are great for imaginative play during the day. Kids will have fun using the power band to communicate with their Defender character and creating all sorts of action-packed adventures.


  • 5 to collect
  • Come with comic book & power band
  • Belt buckles glow in the dark
  • Inspire imaginative play


  • None

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