Beblox 500 Piece Set Review

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Editor's Review

So, what are Beblox? They’re approximately 1 x 1 inch squares with two connector end types. You can connect the Beblox together by meeting opposite ends, the same principle as magnets, opposites attract! Beblox are super easy to click together, and the rounded joint created by a connection allows you to rotate pieces any which way. It doesn’t take many clicks before your imagination starts running wild! Taking them apart requires a smidge more elbow grease, but it’s still fairly easy.


Beblox come in various sets, but for review today we have this 500 piece box. Inside you’ll get 425 Beblox separated into 6 colors, 10 Pyramid click-ins, 20 pole connectors, 40 wheels, 5 chimney pieces, (for a total of 500 pieces) and an instruction manual. The pyramid and chimney pieces can be plugged into the concave sides of Beblox, and pole connectors can be threaded through one of the Beblox connector facets and plugged onto wheels. The only 2 hiccups we encountered while playing is that cubes can be tricky to take apart, and poles are difficult both to thread and take out. Funny enough, using a pole as a tool is the key to disassembling cubes. As for threading poles, good luck. We recommend using a flat, hard surface for leverage. In any case, young kiddos may need a hand for this one step specifically. The instructions shows off how to make 10 different constructions step by step, ranked by difficulty. You can get a free pdf version of the instructions online by providing an email. The 10 examples are all very different from one another, which is great! They make for a nice springboard for your own imagination.

Beblox 500 piece

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We enjoyed our time with Beblox, they’re a fun and unique building toy. As long as you bear in mind that cubes can be tricky to take apart, and that poles are a snug fit, Beblox are worth giving a try.


  • The connection style is unique, and flexible, allowing a high level of creativity.
  • Most play interactions are easy to do.
  • The 500 piece set includes a ton of parts with which to experiment.
  • The instructions teach you 10 unique constructions.


  • Some things can be very tricky, like disassembling a cube, or using the poles.

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