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Editor's Review

The game of kids versus parents now has a new high-stakes twist in Spin Master’s updated Beat the Parents game. In this version, it’s not enough to simply answer a question correctly. Both the kids’ team and the parents’ team have to write the stakes on the wager board before they begin playing. If you’re so confident your team is going to win, are you willing to wager eating Brussels Sprouts for dinner every night, taking out the trash for a week, or taking the kids to see whatever movie they want?

Once you’ve defined the stakes, separate the blue challenge cards from the yellow question cards, shuffle both decks, and place them face down next to the game board. Each team’s mover gets placed on its start space. The kids must answer first, so the parents pick a question card and read out loud the first kids’ question. If the kids answer correctly, they move their mover one space on the yellow path, and parents ask the next question on the card. If the kids do not answer correctly, their turn is over. Now kids must question the parents, reading the first “parent” question on a card.

Each path on the board has Challenge spaces. If you move onto one during your turn, you must stop there, draw a Challenge card, and read it out loud. Challenges will either be head-to-head between a player from each team or an All Play where everybody gets to compete. If you win a Challenge, your team moves extra spaces on the board.

The very last space is a Challenge space, and your team can only advance to the Win space by winning a Challenge. The first team to the Win space, well, wins the game.

Beat The Parents Family Showdown Game

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This game has a nice mixture of questions that kids will be able to answer and questions that, hopefully, parents can answer. And everybody might learn something new along the way. We think that adding the wagers to the game ups the ante on the competition, but even without that aspect, this is a fun family game, and kids will love playing against their parents.

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