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Editor's Review

Are you faster than the 8 Ball? Find out in Beat the 8 Ball, a game of patience and strategy. Launch the 8 ball into the funnel and watch it spin around and around. You can release your colored ball at any time by pressing and holding down the release trigger. You want to try to beat the 8 ball to the scoring chute. However, you don’t want your ball to get to the scoring chute too early. If you’re the first there, you won’t score any points. But second, third, and fourth place balls score one, two, and three points, respectively. You also don’t want to release your ball too late. Once the 8 ball goes down the funnel and lands in the scoring chute, it blocks any balls after it from scoring points. Depending on your ball’s placement, you might lose one, two, three, or four points. Keep track of your score by sliding the Score Slider up or down on your ball ramp. 

A round consists of each player dropping the 8 Ball once, and after three rounds, the player with the highest score wins. If a player ever scores -10, they are out of the game. If a player ever scores +10, he or she automatically wins the game.

You can play this game with two to four players ages 6 and up.

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This game is definitely more fun with three or four players because the more players you have, the more points you can score if you get the right placement in the scoring chute. The game is quick to play and easy to learn. Players will enjoy the challenge of figuring out when to release their balls. 


Quick to play
Easy to learn
Involves strategy
Satisfying challenge



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