Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Review

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Editor's Review

First off, the presentation is incredible. It’s ominous and really awesome, there’s almost no better way to put it. Beast Lab is like the ultimate unboxing toy, where you go through a rigorous scientific and chemical mixing process to reveal one of two pandemonium-powered Beasts. Before you get started, you’ll need to pony up 6 AA batteries, and take care to keep the beaker upright while you install them. Inside, you get two manuals, a box of ingredients, and the giant beaker where the science happens. Each ingredient packet is decorated with incredibly cool illustrations!

Make sure the heat dial is all the way down, peel off the layer obscuring the beaker, flip the power switch to creation mode, then scan your fingerprint to begin the process. Follow the directions, adding each ingredient one at a time, slowly turning up the heat and authenticating with your fingerprint. Fog will envelope your workspace, and lights and sounds will make the beaker come alive. Once athe concoction is complete and the heat is cranked to the max, the alarm will go off. Quick, cover the beaker and pull the final lever to drain the liquid and reveal your ultimate Shark Beast warrior! The paint and sculpt on this figure is stellar. He’s covered in molded detail and clear green parts which complete the “chaotic mutated warrior” look. Free the Beast from his beaker birthplace and get to playing!

The Shark Beast has robust articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. There is swivel in the waist, but it’s for the power strike attack gimmick. Press his pandemonium crystal to hear roaring sounds and see his crystal glow. Press the crystal enough times and he’ll go berserk, but you can calm him down again by holding it for a few seconds.

Oh, we almost forgot the best part. While the ingredients you expended can’t be re-used, you can set up every other step of the process and do the reveal all over again, as many times as you like! It’s super easy to do, to.

Beast Lab

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Should I get it?

Yes. Absolutely. Why don’t you already have one?? In all seriousness, the mileage you get from this toy is enormous. It’s an awesome, high quality action figure and a repeatable unboxing toy all in one.


  • It takes the toy unboxing experience to a whole new level.
  • The lights, sounds, and fog add layers of immersion.
  • Adding the ingredients to the beaker results in satisfying “mad scientist” role playing.
  • The resultant Beast action figure is well articulated and kitted with even more lights and sounds.
  • To top it all off, the process is repeatable!


  • It’s a tad battery hungry (6 AA’s).
  • Batteries are not included.

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