Bayala Starter Set Review

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Editor's Review

Start a world of magic and enchantment with the Bayala Starter Set. This comes with two figures: the mermaid Eyela, carrying a trident, and the fairy Feya. Both figures are in a seated position so that they can ride the glittering Pegasus and sea unicorn. There are magnets in the figures’ bottoms and in the saddles of the animals to keep the figures securely attached when riding. An Ocean Unicorn Foal is also included.

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These figures are so beautiful with lots of fun details. The fairy’s wings are glittery, the Ocean Foal has tiny gems, and the sea unicorn is in a dynamic pose, to name a few fun details. This five-figure set will inspire imaginative play among kids who like dolls, unicorns, and fairies.


Comes with 5 figures
Everything is beautifully detailed
It inspires imaginative play



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