Batwheels Bam the Batmobile Transforming RC Review

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Editor's Review

Preschoolers can drive around Bam the Batmobile just like on the Batwheels TV show with the Batwheels Bam the Batmobile Transforming RC! How does Bam transform? Press the Batman logo button on top of the car to pop out Bam’s bat wings. Then get ready to drive. Using the remote control, kids can send Bam forward, backward, left, and right. There’s even a Turbo button in the center that sends Bam into turbo speed for about 10 seconds. You can either press the Turbo button and then a direction button, or press and hold a direction button, then press the Turbo button. As Bam drives around, the vehicle lights up and talks. 

This includes two AAA batteries for the remote control and four AA batteries for the car. For best results, use it on a hard, flat surface. There’s a 15-foot range between the remote and the car. 

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Kids will love that this R/C toy is easy to control. The lights and sounds bring the character to life and inspire all sorts of imaginative play. 


2 speeds
Talks and lights up
Easy to control
Inspires imaginative play



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