Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. and Barbie Pup Adoption Review

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Editor's Review

Whether taking care of babies or pups, Skipper and big sister Barbie love to help. Kids can play out these caretaking scenes with new Barbie dolls. 

The Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. doll is based on the Netflix movie Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure. This doll and playset comes with a Skipper doll wearing a butterfly tank dress and white sneakers. The baby she’s caring for comes with a crib, mobile, and starry blanket. Feed the baby her bottle, and the baby’s eyes will close. Additional accessories include a teddy bear, pacifier, and storybook. The doll is also available in an African-American version.

Barbie is ready to take home a new furry friend with the Barbie Pup Adoption set. The brunette Barbie doll wears a butterfly-print dress with white sneakers. There are two dog figures in this set and two adoption certificates that kids can fill out. The smaller pup is a little messy, but when you place him in warm water, his dirty face becomes clean! Ice cold water changes it back. Both dogs fit inside the doggy carrying case so Barbie can bring them home and start potty training them on the doggy pee pad. If you fill the water bottle with water and feed it to the small pup, he’ll “pee” on the pad, turning it yellow. Additional accessories include a bowl, a bone, a dog bed, a pretend box of dog treats, a leash, and a cloth.

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Kids will like pretending to be babysitting like Skipper or adopting a cute pup like Barbie. Both of these dolls come with a lot of fun accessories to jumpstart the creative play. Kids will like the baby doll’s closing eyes and the color-change features of the pup.


Variety of accessories

Baby doll has closing eyes

Pup has water features

Imaginative play



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