Barbie Paint Your Own Jewelry Box, Makeup Artist, and Layered Lip Balm Review

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Editor's Review

Get creative with Barbie when you become a painter, a makeup artist, and a lip balm maker with three fun kits from Horizon Group USA.

Barbie Paint Your Own Jewelry Box lets kids customize a Barbie vanity and jewelry box, and there are more than 100 Barbie-themed charms and beads for creating five pieces of jewelry. Follow the instructions to paint the vanity with a heart-shaped mirror however you want, and once it’s dry, add stickers for more fun designs. The vanity drawer opens up for storing jewelry or other small trinkets. If you need jewelry to store, make your own by following the instructions to string beads on the elastic to create unique bracelets. The set includes one Barbie vanity, five paint colors, a paint brush, 150 accent beads, 42 alphabet beads, three bow beads, three specialty charms, six heart beads, three skeins of elastic cord, two sticker sheets, and instructions. You’ll need to provide paper towels, water, scissors, and tape.

Barbie Makeup Artist Magazine lets kids create different makeup looks for Barbie using crayons, stickers, stencils, and more. The spiral-bound book features 28 art pages in four Barbie styles. The four stencils provide more than 130 designs. And if coloring with the six crayons wasn’t enough, the set also includes nine eyeshadow pots, four lip gloss pots, one blush pot, an eyeshadow brush, and a cosmetic brush so kids can really feel like they are applying makeup to Barbie. Add stickers to your looks, some of which are repositionable or scratch-off, for more decoration.

Barbie Layered Lip Balm comes with 15 pieces for making five of your own scented and shimmery lip balms. There are four fruity flavors, and you can mix and match them however you like to create new flavors. For this activity, you’ll place wax chips and wax base together in the small measuring cup and hold that cup down in a bowl of boiling water. This will definitely require adult assistance. Once the wax has melted to a liquid, add six to eight drops of flavoring and one to two drops of lip shimmer. Then pour the balm into one of the lip balm containers. You’ll need to let it dry for at least two hours so that it hardens into a typical lip balm texture. While waiting, you can write down a name for your lip balm on the container’s label. This is called Layered Lip Balm because there are also instructions for creating a stacked lip balm that is made up of layers of different flavors. That process is going to take a bit longer because you’ll need to heat up multiple flavors of wax in order to fill a container. The set comes with five lip balm tubes, four flavor droppers, a shimmer dropper, a wax base tub, wax chips, a measuring cup, a plastic spoon, a stirrer stick, and instructions.

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Should I get it?

These kits are a fun way to encourage creative play among Barbie fans. While the jewelry box and activity pad are easy activities for kids, the lip balm kit is not. So if you’re looking for crafts that will keep kids engaged with minimal adult assistance, then Barbie Paint Your Own Jewelry Box and Barbie Makeup Artist Magazine are your best bets. We like that the jewelry box is customizable and useable for storage, and the magazine comes with realistic makeup as a coloring tool and is perfect for on-the-go play, too.


Pros (Jewelry Box)
Works as storage
Make bracelets
Inspires creativity

Pros (Makeup Magazine)
28 art pages
Variety of coloring & decorative tools
Great for on-the-go play
Inspires creativity

Pros (Lip Balm)
5 lip balms
4 fruity flavors
Lip balm is useable



Messy activity
Adults will need to do most of the work because of the boiling water
Takes a long time to melt the wax

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