Barbie Mermaid Power Brooklyn Roberts Doll Review

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Editor's Review

There’s a new adventure for Barbie fans to dive into. Discover Mermaid Power with the Barbie Mermaid Power Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts Mermaid doll. Looking just like her onscreen character after she’s been transformed into a mermaid, Brooklyn has a two-toned mermaid tail with two interchangeable fins. Pop in the sparkly pink one or go for glittery purple. Brooklyn wears a sparkly orange neckpiece that can be swapped out for the pink necklace, and the purple tiara in her pink and purple hair can also be swapped out for the yellow tiara. Use the purple brush to keep Brooklyn’s long hair flowing. The doll also includes a phoenix pet.

Barbie Mermaid Power Brooklyn Roberts Doll

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We don’t know the premise of Barbie Mermaid Power, but we do know that this doll has a really neat look, with lots of ocean-themed designs on her mermaid outfit and accessories. Even though the mermaid tail is plastic, the doll still bends at the waist, giving kids the ability to move the tail as though Brooklyn is swimming through the water.

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