Barbie Extra Minis Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

You don’t need a full-size doll to get full-size fashion. Barbie Extra Minis are the most extra small dolls. Even though they’re 5.5 inches tall, each one features oversized personalities and details.

Doll #1 rocks extra-long, crimped hair with a little top bun. Her waffle cone purse is the perfect accessory for her sprinkle-print dress. Top it off with a furry purple jacket, colorful mismatched sneakers, big sunglasses, and jewelry, and you’ve got a glam next-level look.

Doll #2 also has an extra-long hairstyle, with white streaks in her straight black hair. She wears a checkered two-piece outfit with matching jacket, white booties, trendy sunglasses, and lots of bling, including a music note necklace. She also has a purple boombox accessory.

And Doll #4 has extra-long blonde hair. Her furry purple outfit has a hood with teddy bear ears on top. Her love of bears can also be seen in her teddy bear fanny pack. Her lace-up purple boots match the outfit, and she accessorizes with big heart-eye sunglasses and big earrings.

The dolls are very poseable to allow for cool fashion displays or creative play. Each doll includes a doll stand.

Barbie Extra Minis Dolls

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The smaller size of these dolls gives kids more ways to collect Barbie Extra dolls, inspiring even more fashion-forward imaginative play. Kids will like each doll’s unique look, their outfit details, and the poseability.

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