Barbie Extra Minis Boutique Travel Playset and Mini Minis Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

You can be a trendsetter at any size. That’s the mantra of the new Barbie Extra Mini Minis. At 3.25 inches tall, these are the smallest Barbie Extra dolls in the lineup. These mini dolls wear major fashions. You’ll find the six dolls in the collection wearing everything from roller skates and alien-print sweater dresses to multi-colored hair and big earrings. Each doll comes with an outfit and four accessories, plus a doll stand for display.

Take the fun a step bigger with the Barbie Extra Minis Boutique, which opens up for two feet of play. This playset includes one Barbie Extra Minis doll that stands 5.5 inches tall. She’s got pink streaks in her long blonde hair and wears a furry jacket over a tank dress with black boots. Help the doll bring extraordinary looks to life in front of the dressing room mirror with spinning platform. Hang the extra fashions and gummy bear charm from the clothing rack. The clothing rack attaches to one side of the playset, while a pink Barbie box photo booth attaches to the other, providing the perfect display space for the doll. There are also cloud and moon shelves for storing some of the accessories, and a translucent blue tote bag so the Barbie Extra Minis doll can go shopping. When done playing, store everything inside the playset, which locks up and has a carry handle. The gummy bear charm can be clipped to the handle. 

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Barbie Extra fans will like the inclusion of new smaller dolls to the lineup, as well as having a cool playset for play and display of the medium-sized dolls. The fashion looks are very unique and fun to collect. These will inspire a lot of imaginative fashion play.


Unique fashion looks unique  

6 Mini Minis to collect

Playset has plenty of space for play and display

Imaginative fashion play


Playset doll stand is not sturdy

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