Barbie Extra Doll #9, Style Selector, and Barbie Extra with 30+ Looks Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Barbie Extra takes the fashion play up a notch with new Barbie Extra dolls, a Barbie Extra Style Selector, and a deluxe doll with 30 looks.

Shine bright with Barbie Extra style number nine. This curvy doll wears a long, rainbow-colored dress with the words “Shine bright like the stars” printed on it. Over the dress, she wears a blue ruffled tulle coat. She’s got white platform sneakers on her feet, a keyboard purse in her hand, and stars on her hoop earrings. She wears five barrettes in her brown hair, which is parted to one side to reveal a shaved portion underneath. Yellow star sunglasses complete the look. This Barbie comes with a pet crocodile with gold-plated teeth that read “sweet” and a lollipop accessory.

There’s space for storing all your Barbie Extra accessories inside the Style Selector. The mirrored door opens to reveal a closet, complete with clothing hangers and a top shelf that’s the perfect spot for the poodle figure to check her look. Pull the sunglasses to reveal a drawer for more storage. On the other side of the playset is a clear storage unit for placing even more accessories, and with the push of a button, you can release a random accessory for your Barbie doll to wear. The playset comes with 20 accessories to get you started, from purses and shoes, to a camera and a pink shirt. The poodle can wear some of the accessories, too.

The deluxe doll comes with enough accessories for creating 30 different fashion looks. Out of the package, this blue-haired doll wears a heart-patterned tube dress with furry purple skirt on top. Her heart-shaped earrings match the dress, and her silver jewelry goes with her silver heels. She carries a pearl-studded purse and a cat wearing a crown. But there are lots of other accessory pieces for mixing and matching, such as a mirror, a cat ear headband, a white bow, purple heels, black sunglasses, a cat-print top, a neon green tank top, a shiny black skirt, glittery pink pants, and two skirts. You can even use some of the items in more than one way. For instance, the furry skirt can also be worn as a jacket.

Barbie Extra Doll #9, Style Selector, and Barbie Extra with 30+ Looks Doll

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Kids will like adding these new dolls and playset to their Barbie Extra collections. The style for the number 9 doll is bright and fun, and the pet crocodile is totally different and very cute.

The Style Selector is a fun way to randomize which accessories kids give to their dolls. Plus, it serves as storage and a closet playset where kids can get Barbie and her pets ready for a day of fun.

The deluxe doll comes with a lot of accessories that young fashionistas will have fun mixing and matching. There are so many cool looks to create with this one doll, and it will inspire a lot of creative fashion play.

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