Barbie Color Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker Review

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Editor's Review

The new Barbie Color Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker is totally groovy! There are 50 surprises to unbox, including mystery Barbie and Chelsea dolls with a tie-dye coating and the tools to tie dye looks for the dolls.

Open up the box to reveal a Color Reveal canister and lots of blind bags. Make sure that as you open the box, you don’t discard the box’s plastic front. You’ll need that later! The first thing you’ll want to do is color change the dolls. Fill the canister with warm water up to the fill line and place one doll in at a time. Swirl the doll around to remove the tie-dye covering and reveal a tie-dyed swimsuit underneath. If you place the dolls in icy cold water, you’ll also reveal a butterfly surprise on Barbie’s cheek and Chelsea’s swimsuit.

Open up all the blind bags to reveal a plethora of accessories, from white fashions to tie dye to shoes, sunglasses, headbands, purses, and more. There’s even a Color Reveal pet!

When you’re ready to start tie dying, give the paint bottles a shake and fill the plastic tub with a little bit of water. Dip a clothing garment, including the mystery clothing disc, into the tub and squirt on a few drops of paint, using some or all of the three colors. Fill the spray bottle with water and spray the garment. Use the tweezers to remove the garment, place the plastic drain cover on top of the tub, and unfold the garment on top of the drain cover to let it dry. There are clothes hangers, a clothing rack, and two dress forms where kids can store their creations.

If you want to take those clothes and give them a different look, wash them with lukewarm water and soap to rinse out the paint. Then tie dye again! (The instructions do say that for best results, you should wash out the color within three minutes of coloring the item, but we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen with kids.)

The toy comes with a Color Reveal Barbie, a Color Reveal Chelsea, a Color Reveal pet, 35 accessories, a tie dye tub, three bottles of washable paint, a drying station, a tool, a sponge, eight pieces of washable doll clothing, and a scrunchie for kids.

Barbie Color Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker

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Kids will be able to create so many fun looks for Chelsea and Barbie. We like that kids have the ability to tie dye Barbie’s clothes, style Barbie with lots of accessories, and then wash out the clothes and create a totally different tie dye design. Plus, kids get the fun water reveal of the dolls and the unboxing experience of the accessories. We love how this inspires lots of creative play.


  • So many accessories
  • 2 Color Reveal dolls & a pet
  • Tools to tie dye fashions
  • Tie dye over and over again
  • Inspires creative play


  • None

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