Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer Series Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for more Barbie surprises in the new series of Barbie Color Reveal. This series, called the Shimmer series, features seven surprises and the same magical water-reveal unboxing as the other Color Reveal series.

So if you’re not familiar, you open up the clear canister and remove the mystery doll and blind bags from inside. Then fill the canister with warm water to the fill line. The dolls in this series come with a metallic magenta covering, so when you place the doll in the water and swirl it around, the magenta covering comes off and changes the color of the water. It looks really cool. After just a minute or two, the doll is fully uncovered. Lift her out of the water to see who you’ve got! Then open up the blind bags to reveal a hair piece, a skirt, shoes, and earrings.

Each doll has short molded plastic hair with a hole in the back for inserting the hair piece. It’s like you’re giving Barbie a ponytail. The skirts, while different colors, all have a shimmery finish, and the earrings are a new surprise accessory for this Color Reveal series.

You can also dip the doll in ice-cold water for a color-change transformation that changes the doll’s lip color and reveals a pattern on her bodice.

Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer Series

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Barbie fans will love adding these new Color Reveal dolls to their collections and mixing and matching the fashions and accessories. The water reveal of the doll is just as magical as it was the first time, plus it’s easy to do. (It’s always a little messy, so cover your play space.) These dolls are a nice way to encourage imaginative play.

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