Barbie Color Reveal Sand & Sun Series Barbie, Chelsea, and Baby Dolls Review

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Summer is almost here, and a new season means a new series of Barbie Color Reveal dolls. The Barbie dolls come with seven surprises, the Chelsea dolls come with six surprises, and the babies come with five surprises. You’ll need warm water to reveal which doll you’ve got, and then you just open up the other blind bags to reveal accessories and fashions.

On the package, this series is denoted only by pictures of a palm tree and a sun, so we don’t really know what the official series name is, but we think Tropic Heat sounds good. But before you see what summer fashions the dolls are wearing, you’ve got to dip them in warm water to remove their colorful covering. Barbie and Chelsea have a marbleized covering, while the babies are just a solid color. Fill Barbie and Chelsea’s see-through plastic containers with water, and dunk the baby in her citrus-inspired container. Once the dolls have been revealed, dry them off and get them accessorized. The Barbie and Chelsea dolls wear fun swimsuits, and each one also includes shoes, a beach towel, an accessory, and some type of swimsuit coverup. The babies include a beach towel, sun hat, and either a pacifier or a bottle.

Don’t forget to dip Barbie and Chelsea in icy cold water to reveal color-change hair streaks! The hair on each doll is plastic, and each one has a different hairstyle. We kind of like this feature but can see how some Barbie fans might miss the rooted hair wigs and hair extensions of the previous Color Reveal dolls.

Each Barbie’s fashion accessory also has a cold-water reveal. There is no color-change feature on the babies, but you can use the citrus container as a floating device for the baby.

There are five Barbie dolls, five Chelsea dolls, and five baby dolls to collect, and each Barbie has a coordinating Chelsea and baby.

Barbie Color Reveal Sand & Sun Series Barbie, Chelsea, and Baby Dolls

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The water reveal of the dolls is fun to watch and makes for a cool unboxing experience. We like the beach theme of this series and that it includes babies. Kids will have fun trying to collect the Barbie, Chelsea, and baby dolls that match, as well as creating fun beach adventures for their dolls.

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