Barbie Color Reveal Color-Block Series and Chelsea Shimmer Series Dolls Review

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We just can’t get enough of Barbie Color Reveal dolls, and that’s why we’re unboxing a new series of Barbie dolls and the Shimmer series of Chelsea dolls.

What we like about the Chelsea dolls is that the packaging actually shows the name of the series. To unbox this doll, we’ve got to first open up the container and remove all the blind bags. Then, fill the container pretty much to the top with warm water and place the doll in the water. Swirl the doll around to remove its metallic covering and reveal which doll it is. There are five different Chelsea dolls to collect. Once your doll is revealed, and you’ve dried it off, open up the four blind bags to discover which skirt, accessory, shoes, and hair piece you’ve got. Get the doll dressed and pop her ponytail into the hole on the back of her head. The doll also has a color-change reveal when dipped in icy cold water: a surprise design appears on her cheek.

Let’s do the same thing with our Barbie doll, which is part of what I’m calling the Stripes and Checkerboard series. Mattel didn’t include the name of this series on its packaging. Judging by the color-blocked covering on the doll, this might actually be called the Color Block series. But enough talking – let’s reveal! Everything’s been taken out of the container so I can fill it to the fill line with warm water. That’s about six cups of water. Now place the doll in the water and swirl it around to remove that two-toned covering and reveal the doll. Inside her blind bags, you’ll find a surprise skirt, earrings, shoes, and pop-in ponytail hair piece. But the surprises don’t end there. Dip the doll in icy cold water to change her makeup and reveal surprise color on her bodice. There are five Barbies to collect in this series.

Both dolls come with collector’s guides that help you keep track of your collection and see what coordinating dolls and pets go with your doll.

Barbie Color Reveal Color-Block Series and Chelsea Shimmer Series Dolls

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We love the water reveal of these dolls and the mix-and-match fashions and hair pieces. Barbie fans will love the surprises and adding more dolls to their collections. These are great for kids who like unboxings and playing with fashion dolls.

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