Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Dolls and Pets Review

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The Chelsea Color Reveal dolls in this video review are part of a series only described by a picture of stripes in a circle and a square checkerboard pattern. We literally have no idea what the name of this series is and wish Mattel would do a better job communicating it to consumers, especially the ones trying to buy the toys. That said, these smaller dolls have the same water-reveal feature as the larger Barbies. Open up the clear container and remove the blind bags. Fill the container with warm water to the fill line. Place the color-block printed doll in the water and swirl her around to dissolve the covering, change the water’s color, and reveal which of the five potential dolls you got. There are four girls and one boy in this series. Once the doll has been revealed, open up the blind bags to get her dressed in her skirt, shoes, accessory, and pop-in ponytail. (Surprise items for the boy are a bit different, though we didn’t unbox one of those.) The dolls also have a color-change reveal when you dip them in icy cold water. The collector’s guide helps you keep track of which doll you got and also tells you which coordinating Barbie and pet go with your Chelsea doll.

The pets can also be collected as part of this stripes/checkerboard series. Each one comes in a blind bag and is further hidden inside a colored sunglasses case. Open the case and remove the additional blind bags. Fill the case with warm water, insert the pet, and swirl it around to remove the covering and reveal the pet. The shape of the case makes it a little hard to properly swirl the pet. Once the pet is revealed, open the other blind bags to find accessories that coordinate with the pet and its dolls.

There are also pets in what we’re calling the Shimmer series, labeled only by some stars and a diamond on the packaging. There are also Barbie and Chelsea dolls in this series, sold separately. Each pet in this series is in a blind bag, and then further hidden inside a sparkly gem case. Open the case, remove the additional blind bags, fill the case with warm water, and swirl the pet in the water to remove its covering and reveal the pet. The other blind bags contain a ring for kids to wear with space for popping the pet on top, plus a bow for the pet, and a leash that one of the dolls can hold.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Dolls and Pets

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These still have the same fun water-reveal surprise as the Barbie dolls but in a smaller size. Kids will love the surprise unboxing and adding more dolls and pets to their collections for mix-and-match fashion play, nurturing pet play, and more imaginative storytelling.

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