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In 1962, Barbie moved into her first fully furnished Dreamhouse. Her house has gotten some makeovers throughout the years, and now in the Barbie 60th Celebration Dreamhouse, there are even more fun features. This exclusive dollhouse comes with two dolls, two fashions, 15 party-themed accessories, and a convertible. There are more than 100 play pieces, some of which are scented, to fully customize the home’s 10 play areas. It’s got a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining room, an elevator, a balcony, a party room, a pool, and a puppy play area. Plus, there are custom light effects to give the Dreamhouse a nighttime, daytime, or partytime vibe.

This is really very similar to the 2021 Barbie Dreamhouse in look and function; it just comes with more stuff and a few details are different. It has a kid-powered elevator that is wheelchair accessible. There are lights and sounds in the kitchen, bathroom, and party room. Close the oven door to start the timer. Press one of the stove burners for cooking sounds. Press the toilet button to “flush” the toilet, and the shower button makes the sound of running water. There’s also a foot pedal in the party room that starts the music.

Four buttons change up the home’s mood. Press the yellow sun button for yellow lights throughout the house and happy music. Press the blue moon button for blue lights and soothing music and sounds. Press the cake button for pink lights and birthday and dance music. And press the green lightbulb button until the house shines in whatever color you want.

There’s space on the roof for a pool, or take the pool to the first level and use it with the slide. Cover up that rooftop space with the grassy mat, or create a grassy play area for Barbie’s pets on the ground level. There’s even a mini slide and puppy pool.

Not to mention all the other accessories this comes with, from furniture and flatware to blankets and balloons. And perhaps the most amazing part of this is that this Dreamhouse actually comes with dolls! And a convertible for both dolls to ride around in!

Barbie 60th Celebration Dreamhouse

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Mattel pulled out all the stops for this new Dreamhouse. It’s jam packed full of fun accessories, lights and sounds, plus all the cool features you’ve come to know and love about Barbie’s house. And then you top it off with dolls, even more accessories, and a car? This dollhouse is a Barbie fan’s dream!

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