Bamboo Lovey and Baby Swaddle Review

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Editor's Review

The Swaddling Blanket is a cute and cozy blanket made with bamboo knit. The material is lightly stretchy which is great for swaddling. The blanket measures 46 x 46 inches and has multiple uses. It is available in many colors and prints, sold separately. This is the Aloe Rainbow and features cute rainbows in a pastel pallet color. It feels very soft and the print is gender-neutral.

The Bamboo Lovey is a mini security blanket with a detachable teething wooden ring. The blanket is super soft, the perfect size for little hands, providing the baby with security. It is available in different beautiful colors, to fit any family and baby style. This is the Nutmeg.

Bamboo Lovey and Baby Swaddle

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The Swaddling Blanket can also be used as a blanket, nursing cover, car seat cover, and more. The versatility is great as you can still use the blanket past swaddling age.

The Bamboo Lovey has a teething ring that is made from natural beech wood, helping soothe sore gums. The ring is easily removable so you can attach the baby’s pacifier, teether, toy, and so on.

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