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Editor's Review

Go all in with Ballz’n, a new ball-bouncing game. In the center of your playing surface, you’ll have a stack of bowls. This is where you’re trying to bounce the six blue balls and six green balls. You can play this as a head-to-head game or in teams. At the same time, all players begin bouncing their balls into the bowls. The object is to bounce your team’s balls into the top bowl, middle bowl, or the instant win tube and get your opponent’s balls into the bottom bowl. With balls flying all over the place, you can grab any color ball that comes your way and try to bounce it in. Once all the balls are in bowls, tally each team’s score. (Of course, if your team gets a ball in the instant win tube, that ends play because your team instantly wins.) Balls in the top bowl are worth two points each, balls in the middle bowl are worth one point each, and the bottom bowl subtracts one point for each ball. The team with the most points wins, and the best of five rounds wins the game. 

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We like the strategy involved in this game, which works especially well if you’ve got teams. One player can focus on bouncing in your team’s color, while the other player can collect the other team’s rebound balls and focus on making them lose. This game also involves skill. It may seem like bouncing colored ping pong balls is easy, but it’s definitely a challenge to get your balls into the right bowl. If you like competitive, action-packed games, then you’ll like Ballz’n.


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