Bad Christmas Movie Bingo Game Review

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Editor's Review

Bad Christmas Movie Bingo wastes no time getting on your good side. Appropriate for such an irreverent yet celebratory idea, the presentation is at once pleasantly holiday chic, yet gently poking fun at holiday graphic design. It both ridicules and embraces holiday product design, and you’ll see that this is a through-line in the spirit of the game. Inside you’ll find 15 laminated, reusable bingo cards, 4 festively colored dry erase markers, and a brief set of instructions. The idea is brilliantly simple. Queue up any made for TV holiday movie, and mark off your boards based on the tropes that will inevitably show up. You can play by traditional rules of 5 in a row, make a night of it and go for a board blackout, or play house rules and introduce some fun beverages to the equation. The latter is my personal favorite way to play. Just don’t mix blackout mode with this, stay safe!

Best of all, the makers of Bad Christmas Movie Bingo are working on updating the game with new boards and more moving forward, so this is an evergreen game to bust out at any holiday occasion in future, whether you and your friends and loved ones are genuine fans or ironic enjoyers of cheesy holiday flicks. Plus, if you need ideas for what movies to watch, check out the game’s website at to see tons of recommendations.

Bad Christmas Movie Bingo Game

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Should I get it?

This is a cute and fun idea for a winter time game. This is definitely worth owning!


  • It includes 15 wholly unique bingo cards, as well as perfectly tuned dry erase markers.
  • The sense of humor is brilliant, as it pokes fun without devolving into being mean spirited.
  • The game will continue to be supported from launch by the creators.


  • You’ll need to provide markers of your own or share if you have more than 4 players.
  • The game essentially hinges on you having streaming services and or cable.

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