Babysense 7 The Original Non-Contact Baby Movement Monitor Review

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Editor's Review

Sleep easy knowing this baby monitor has your back!

Known to be the original non-contact baby movement monitor, this device is a wonderful addition to any parent’s life. In the box, you’ll find a control unit, 2 round sensory pads, a control unit holder, an optional hanging hook, and of course the manual. It does require 4 AA batteries, which are not included with this purchase. By placing the monitor under your baby’s mattress, you’re able to track your sleeping baby’s movements, like their breathing. If something doesn’t seem right – the monitor alerts you. The noise is quite loud, so as to get your attention. However the high volume is a double edged sword, due to it’s proximity to your child.

No doubt, first time parents will often wake up in the middle of the night to check on their little ones. Even though it might seem unnecessary, the comfort of knowing your baby is fine and breathing will give you much better sleep. Since Wi-Fi isn’t involved, you will not need to worry about hacking. The device is conveniently portable easy transport!

You’ll only need one sensory pad if your baby isn’t crawling yet. Once they start, it’s time to use both sensory pads.

Babysense 7 The Original Non-Contact Baby Movement Monitor

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Knowing there is a safety measure in place to let you know if something is wrong, makes a world of difference for some parents, and their ability to sleep. The Babysense 7 Movement Monitor will help you make sure your baby is breathing properly at night, and will help put your mind at ease.

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