Baby Ganesh, Krishna, and Hanuman Mantra Singing Plush & Books Review

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The three plushies are Baby Krishna, Baby Ganesh, and Baby Hanuman. Aesthetically, they are beautiful, colorful, and adorable translations of the gods they represent. They all come in either 10-inch or 6-inch varieties. Both sizes have internal speakers with included LR44 batteries.

To play the mantras, just open the Velcro on the back, pull out the tab, turn the switch on, close up the Velcro, and press on the tummy. The 10-inch version comes with an option to have a personalized inscription added when ordering via the Modi Toys website, as well as the feature to replace the default speaker with a special Bluetooth speaker so that you can control the sounds. This Bluetooth speaker is sold separately.

Although these toys normally are sold separately, Modi Toys offers convenient bundles on their website to get multiple items at once. While the board books are sold separately as well, they make wonderful companion pieces to the baby plushies. Each one illustrates a small portion of their respective god’s mythology, and is an excellent springboard for curious minds who will undoubtedly want to learn more.

The plushies are fully machine washable, but be extra sure to remove the internal speaker before washing! It is also recommended that you place the toy in a mesh washing bag before putting it in the washing machine. Modi Toys sells a mesh bag for washing on their website.

Baby Ganesh, Krishna, and Hanuman Mantra Singing Plush & Books

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These plushies and books are fun indeed! The plushies are colorful, cute, and interactive for children, and the board books make a great activity for parents and young ones to do together.

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