Baby Car Mirror Review

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Editor's Review

No longer will you wonder what your baby is up to in your quiet backseat with the Baby Car Mirror from Shynerk. It’s easy to use and install, which is great because us parents are always on the go. The mirror’s straightforward directions were a lifesaver when I installed this during one of my son’s short naps. You only use two clips to install the mirror, one that goes on top and underneath the headrest and another that goes around the sides of the headrest. The straps going around the sides were the easiest to tighten, but the one going from top to bottom was a little more difficult. I had to unclip the mirror, make the strap shorter, clip it again and finally try to tighten it on the headrest. It’s very easy to adjust to the angle you need it to be at and it can rotate 360 degrees, which is perfect for long car rides as we usually take our dogs with us, so we can see what all of these rascals are up to. Make sure you hear a click when you connect the base and the mirror to the stem, as the base disconnected because I didn’t click the mirror in correctly. While this mirror does have many great qualities, it unfortunately has some down sides. The mirror doesn’t stay in place like it should. If you take a sharp corner while driving, it does move and can cause you to lose sight of your baby.

Baby Car Mirror

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Should I get it?

While it wasn’t a perfect fit for our family, it could be the perfect fit for yours.


  • Easy to install
  • Made with impact-resistant acrylic glass
  • Large enough to see all the action happening in your back seat


  • Some of the assembly parts can be difficult to lock and unlock
  • Mirror can move when driving around corners

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