Baby Born Surprise Secret Garden and Mini Babies Review

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Editor's Review

It’s time for a baby surprise with new Baby Born Surprise toys. You won’t know how many babies are inside each Mini Babies rocking horse, and you’ll reveal one of 12 dolls in each Secret Garden.

Will you get twins or triplets when you unbox your Mini Babies? Unwrap the candy-patterned blanket and, inside the keychain clip, you’ll find two or three glittery mini baby dolls. This series is the Sweet Treats series, so each keychain clip looks like a different baked good, cookie, or candy. That’s a fun surprise, too! Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. The back of the guide even has some fun activities for kids to do. Play with the babies in the rocking horse or store them inside the keychain clip to take them with you wherever you go. 

Unwrap a bundle of surprises with each Secret Garden. The packaging is shaped like a flower basket, and you’ll open it up to reveal a soft mouse pouch with an egg inside. Open the egg to reveal the doll. The doll has its eyes closed, but when you wipe the eyes with a wet paper towel, her eyes will be open. The doll also comes with a bottle for feeding. Each doll wears a diaper, and if you feed the doll water from the bottle, the doll will go potty. When the diaper is wet, the inside will reveal a fun pattern. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. Turn it over to keep track of the collectible diaper patterns and for fun activities. 

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Kids will like the different surprises from each Baby Born Surprise toy. With Mini Babies, you don’t know how many babies you’ll get, and with Secret Garden, you don’t know which doll or which diaper pattern you’ll get. The unboxing experience is really fun, but these dolls will also inspire imaginative play.


Mini Babies come with 2 or 3 dolls

12 Secret Garden dolls to collect

Unboxing is fun

Imaginative play


We only counted 5 Secret Garden surprises, not 10

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