Baby Born Surprise Cuddle Baby Pet Review

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Editor's Review

Now, you have two options to choose from, a kitty or puppy. Each package includes a Cuddle Baby Pet with color change, diaper with surprise color change, bottle, pacifier, headband and Ouchie Pouch. Each pet comes in a cute, snuggly swaddle. Unwrap your pet to reveal its soft, fuzzy ears, and fuzzy tail. Your pet also comes with a cute, soft headband to wear. Feed your pet water from its bottle, and it really pees! Change your pet’s diaper to reveal a surprise color change. When your pet gets an ouchie, add ice to the included Ouchie Pouch and rub it all over its head and belly. As your pet feels better, it color changes. Then change your pet’s wet diaper to reveal a color change diaper surprise! And when it’s nap time, give your pet its pacifier and tuck it in to sleep.

Baby Born Surprise Cuddle Baby Pet

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There are fun color changing features. The accessories are adorable and just enough for small children. Plus, you have two pets to choose from or collect them both.

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