Baby Antbear and Kangaroo + Baby Plush Review

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Editor's Review

There will be so much for babies to explore with new plush toys from Dolce. Alice the Baby Antbear is a pink-and-white-striped plush animal with different textures and sounds. The colorful bead maze on the top also doubles as a handle. Two ribbon tags on the Antbear’s back will be fun for babies to pull, and that leads them down to the Antbear’s crinkly tail. Its right ear is also crinkly, and its hair is made of three ribbons. It wears a Dolce tag collar with a bumpy texture on one side. Two rings dangle from the Antbear’s front left foot. Its patterns of stripes and polka dots will be visually stimulating for babies.

Kangaroo + Baby is a larger blue-and-white-striped plush toy with lots of fun surprises. Peek into the kangaroo’s pouch to find a removable Baby Joey that makes a bell sound when shaken. The pouch is also home to a Dolce tag with bumpy texture on one side. The kangaroo’s hands can be Velcroed closed, and its left foot has a Velcro cover that reveals a mirror. Details such as the left foot’s embroidered dragonfly really make this toy stand out. On the right foot, babies will find a dangling ring, and the kangaroo has ribbon tags in between its two floppy ears. And its nose squeaks!

Baby Antbear and Kangaroo + Baby Plush

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Both of these baby toys have a lot of features that promote visual and auditory stimulation, as well as tactile play. We think babies will really like exploring the different textures, sounds, and colors. These toys are so soft that babies could even use them as teethers.

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