Baby Alive Sudsy Styling Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Your new Baby Alive comes with an adorable purple outfit and sculpted body and hair. Just want to mention that top half of her hair is sculpted and the bottom half is playable hair. Little aspiring hair stylists can place their baby doll in her styling chair and pretend she’s at a sudsy salon.

The set features a salon doll chair plus a cup to mix her bubble solution. Accessories like a comb, styling tool, pretend blow dryer, mirror and barrette are also included. Kids can pour the bubble solution into the chair, press the button on the chair’s arm and watch bubbles form on her head! Use her doll hair accessories to shape the suds and style her brushable hair — then show off her look in her mirror!

Baby Alive Sudsy Styling Doll

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids ages 3 years and up!


  • Accessories are included for more pretend fun
  • When solution is done, use your own shampoo to refill
  • Kids can get creative with their sudsy styles


  • Just beware that kids may spill water and solution so make sure to cover the play area.

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