Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Pamper baby with spa day accessories to make her feel glamorous! This adorable 12.8-inch water play doll comes wearing a pink molded swimsuit and attached themed headband. She also features unicorn-themed spa doll accessories, including a towel wrap, doll mask, and pretend nail polish bottle. Plus, she even comes with a comb for kids to brush and style her pink color-streaked ponytail!

With ice cold water, fill the pretend nail polish bottle and give Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Doll a color reveal mani-pedi. Then fill a bowl with ice cold water and soak doll’s mask-  apply to her face and remove for a gorgeous eye makeup reveal!

Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Doll

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The doll has minimal articulation. This is a waterplay doll and you get fun color reveals!

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