Baby Alive Fruity Sips and Foodie Cuties Review

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Editor's Review

It’s pretend juicing and hair styling fun! This doll measures 12-inches tall and comes essential accessories for all this fruity sips magic to happen. You get a pretend juicer with 2 plastic fruits (lime and orange) that kids can dunk in water and squeeze into the babies cup! When you’re ready to feed your baby simply replace the juicer lid with the sippy cup lid and feed her! Once they’re done, it’s probably time for a diaper change, since this doll drinks and “pees,” like a real baby! More accessories like a comb, bow barrette and a fruit basket for play and handy storage is also included.

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Should I get it?

This Baby Alive is for kids 3 and up!


  • The interactive elements are super fun for kids
  • Kids can ply out fun scenarios and
  • Accessories are included to add to the play 


When water is added to the fun it can get a bit messy so make sure to cover the playing area.

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