B-Kind Eco-Friendly Dolls Koral and Brianna Review

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Editor's Review

Be creative and be compassionate with B-Kind dolls. The five eco-friendly dolls are made from recycled materials, including their eco-fashions and reusable packaging with ink made from soybeans. Each doll has a different kind mission. For Brianna, that’s helping the environment. Koral wants to save the ocean. Ivy wants to end bullying. Nora is all about self-care and self-love. And Daisy’s goal is to end animal cruelty.

Each 12-inch doll wears a cool fashion and comes with a purse that kids can customize using a stencil and included fabric pieces. The dolls also have unique pillow pets and hairbrushes. But along with the traditional fashion doll play, each doll also includes a DIY craft, such as painting a design on an outfit for Brianna and making a reusable tote bag for Koral. But the DIY doesn’t stop there. Check out the box side panel for other crafty activities that upcycle old items you have at home. There’s even a YouTube channel (Bkinddolls) where kids can watch Craftisodes that walk them through how to make some of these crafts.

To show kids how easy it is to upcycle, the box’s ribbon can be used as a hair ribbon or bracelet, and the box opens up to become a play scene for the doll and a personalized Kindness Board. Make sure to open the box from the bottom to access the instructions for this. The instructions also offer tips for how kids can reuse, reduce, and recycle every day.

B-Kind Eco-Friendly Dolls Koral and Brianna

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This doll line introduces eco-friendly concepts to kids through fun doll play and crafting. Kids will like discovering what each doll comes with, learning more about her cause, and getting crafty to make customized accessories.

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