B.B. Hoopster Basketball Game Review

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Editor's Review

B.B. Hoopster will be a slam dunk with young basketball fans. This electronic basketball toy has four interactive play modes and a motorized base that moves the hoop forward and backward to challenge young players’ skills. Plus, lights, sounds, and phrases make the gameplay even more fun.

In Free Shot mode, kids can simply practice taking shots from anywhere on the court. In Long Shot mode, kids pick a spot right in front of B.B. and take a shot. As kids successfully make baskets, B.B. will move back to ramp up the challenge. In Hot Shot mode, kids have 30 seconds to make as many baskets as they can. And in Trick Shot mode, B.B. will tell kids what trick to try, and then they try to make a basket while doing that move.

Every time kids make a basket, the angled ball return sends the ball rolling back, however, you might still be chasing after it. Two mini basketballs are included.

B.B. Hoopster Basketball Game

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This is a fun way to get kids active while also introducing them to some basic basketball skills. Kids will like the interaction with B.B. and the silliness of B.B. moving around.

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