Art on the Go Safari, Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse, and Magic Scrunch Pillow Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re on the go or at home, there are three ways to keep kids engaged and having fun. Bright Stripes’ new Art on the Go Safari, Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse, and Magic Scrunch Pillow all offer creative ways for kids to play.

Art on the Go Safari is part of the I Heart Art line. It comes with 50 pages, sticky papers, and eight crayons. The activity book has 24 safari-themed activity pages, while the rest are blank to allow kids to draw and write whatever they want. Kids can use the sticky papers to decorate the animals on the activity pages or use them however they want. This is for ages 3 and up.

The Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse, for ages 4 and up, comes in themes such as Mushroom Cottage. The cottage is made of a foldable 3-D paperboard house with four rooms to decorate using the 130 repositionable puffy stickers. The packaging says these stickers “won’t lose their stick”. There are even four standing figures so kids can play out stories throughout the playhouse. 

And the last new arts and crafts kit is Magic Scrunch Pillow. This kit, for ages 6 and up, comes in four styles, including Puppy. Following the instructions to weave and scrunch, kids will make a smooshy, loopy pillow that looks like a dog. The kit’s 16 pieces include a pre-sewn pillowcase with weaving straps, seven panels of double-sided fleece, three patch stickers, four felt pieces, a pillow insert, and instructions. The whole craft takes less than an hour to complete. No cutting or sewing is required.

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Crafty kids will like the variety of arts and crafts kits to choose from. Art on the Go is a fun way for kids to create, color, and draw while in the car or on an airplane. It’s a compact way to bring art supplies with you on a long vacation or a short car ride. 

There are many ways for kids to create with the Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse, from decorating the rooms of the house to imagining different stories with the figures. We like that the stickers are reusable so kids can redecorate the house as often as they’d like.

And the Magic Scrunch Pillow is an easy craft for kids to do that results in a really cute pillow. The puppy theme makes perfect room decor for a dog lover, but with three other styles to choose from, there’s a Magic Scrunch Pillow for kids who like cats, unicorns, and cupcakes, too.


Pros (Art on the Go)
50 pages
8 crayons
Compact way to get creative on the go

Pros (Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse) 130 stickers
Decorate and redecorate
Imaginative play

Pros (Magic Scrunch Pillow)
16 pieces
No cutting or sewing
4 styles
Easy craft


Cons (Puffy Sticker 3D Playhouse)
Stickers can get dirty so you might have to clean them off

Cons (Magic Scrunch Pillow)
Not a lot of play once you make it

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