Art Lab Pouring Art Studio Review

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Editor's Review

The type of art introduced in this set is called pouring, more specifically, acrylic pouring. This is what folks call abstract painting- it mixes different paint colors and instead of using a paintbrush, you pour the paint directly onto the canvas allowing the paint to flow and change direction.

The set comes with a removable tray, 3-in-1 tool, flower tool, mixing sticks, cups, glitter, gloves, canvas boards, 1 silicone oil, and 5 colors of paint. A guide is also included which gives kids different levels to choose from- beginners, intermediate, and expert.

To begin we suggest covering the area in which you’ll be working on and perhaps wear an apron to avoid any staining. Once you’ve picked which level you’ll be doing, prepare your station- set up the paint, clip on your canvas, get ready to pour, and tilt whichever way you want!

Art Lab Pouring Art Studio

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This is a fun way to introduce kids to a new painting technique. There are 6 different techniques included and you can make up to 5 different paintings.

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