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Editor's Review

No matter what type of house or landscape you want to live in, you can build it with Arckit. These architectural building blocks are a fun way to build, play, and learn, and there are Arckit construction sets for builders of all ages.

For ages 7 and up, kids can play as an architect and design a Coastal Living house, a Mountain Living house, or a Desert Living house. Each kit comes with more than 85 architectural components, as well as pop-out elements, such as trees and people, to create scenes. Kids can build what’s in the instructions or get creative and design something totally different. The instructions also provide fun facts on the different settings so that kids can get to know the environment in which they’re going to build.

For ages 5 and up, there’s the Greenscape Village, a 124-piece set that encourages kids to build an environmentally friendly neighborhood. Kids can follow the picture instructions to build what’s shown on the box, or they can get creative and build however they want. Twenty-three pop-out pieces, from vegetation and figurines to wind turbines and solar panels, allow kids to enhance their model and the imaginative play.

For more advanced builders, there’s the A100 and A200 construction sets. These are all about building ultra-sleek creations using Arckit pieces, Arckitexture decals, and cardboard pop-outs. There are a variety of different ways to build with each set, and builders are encouraged to get creative to design their own buildings.

Architectural Building Blocks

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These are sophisticated-looking construction sets, and they’ll be ideal for kids (and adults) who really like building and architecture. We like that there are models for a variety of ages, as well as a variety of ways to build with each model. These will definitely get kids thinking and playing creatively.

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